So what all can you do???

I absolutely love this question! I get asked all the time “So what all CAN you do?”. For a bit of context for those that dont know i work at a small printed marketing shop where we do everything from business cards to social media marketing.

Normally i am asked this question when i deliver a small order, normally of business cards (our gateway drug). The reason i love it is because i get to to talk about our business. We can LITERALLY print just about anything.

Here is the catch though, everything we do is custom. Another perk to my job is getting to meet and connect with a lot of really cool people. Everyday im either contacted, or contact someone i normally dont know, to see if they want to have lunch/coffee/dinner to chat about how we can help each other.

I meet with people on a weekly basis and talk to them about how they want to grow their company. I get to see the PASSION in their eyes when they discuss their position, their job, this company they’ve grown from nothing.

Likewise my passion is growing businesses. So think about it, really think. I work in a job where i get to talk to people about how we (DGP) can help them grow their business. Im basically doing my passion all the time.

When people ask what I do they get to see the fire in MY eyes and i get to explain to them why i love so very much everything i do. I get to explain that yeah our prices cant beat some of our competitors, but youre going to be blown away with how well you are served. We service our customers 100% and i take pride in doing so.

Thank you all so much for trusting us with your business and allowing us to do what we LOVE!!!

Who can benefit from printing/social/promotional products

What we do…for everyone…


What we do is not just printing business cards like everyone may think.  Our services expand far beyond what people generally  think.  When someone hears “print shop” they think business cards, letterhead, and envelopes, WHICH IS FINE!!!!  But we have become so much more than JUST that.  We have essentially become a full service marketing and promotion solution center.

paint dicks graphics and printing

See we have come a long way from simply printing business cards on 80# card stock for everyone.  We have transitioned into a marketing agency with a large name in Cleveland TN and Fort Oglethorpe GA.  We are amazed, daily, at how much we do, that people don’t know we can do!!!  Our promotional items office has essentially DOUBLED in size in the past year!!!  We now offer apparel in our area that is not guaranteed by other companies!!


The problem with our business is that people don’t know JUST how much we have to offer. For that reason, we will be featuring a blog each week following this with a special announcement of different products and services we offer!!  We are excited to begin speaking with the community about how we can help with different projects and how we can expand to grow new companies!printing cleveland tn


To learn more specifically you can contact us on our “Free quote/Contact us” page of our website!!!




Our full service print shop offers everything, even thsirts!

Full service means full service, and yes that includes tshirt sells!

Yes we are a full service printing company.  When we say full service, we mean FULL service.  We do the usual stuff such as business cards, envelopes, letterhead, forms, 2 part, 3 part, 4 part, notepads, prescription pads, booklets (stapled, glued, spiral bound, or GBC bound), must i go on? Again that is all the “Regular” stuff.  WE also do LOADS of other stuff.  We print signs, banners, yard signs, big signs, small signs, metal signs, plastic signs, i think you get the point.  Our breakout into the tshirt world is what sets us apart!

suit tie tshirt custom sell sold

Our T-shirts however are a small (currently) part of our business that a lot of people out there don’t know we can do.  T-shirts are a very big part of any company.  Whether you are a startup company or a multi billion dollar corporation, you need to brand yourself.


T-shirts however aren’t just used for business purposes.  People order them for parties, marketing purposes, family get togethers, and so much more.  People need them printed no matter what!!!

All that being said we don’t JUST do t-shirts, that is just the most wanted.  We do other apparel as well.  If your company is needing jackets for this upcoming cold weather, we can add your logo on them!  If your top client is expecting a top notch Christmas gift,  our customized hats are just the thing.  Keep that in mind when you contact us!custom tshirt logo ad banner sell

Long story short our t-shirts are top of the line, and prices are better than any other of our competitors, online or in person, all you have to do is call to get a quote!

Nike, Adidas, Catarrh, Gildan, and many more brands are waiting for you!!! Simply place your order through the website or call in to get more information!  We look forward to hearing from you!

Customer Service – Core value #1


Being a local small business, you can’t rely on Facebook, a fancy product, or even an awesome staff to make your business boom.  C.A.R.E – Customers Are REALLY Everything!!!  Believe it.  The single thing that keeps business’s in operating order comes down to how they treat their customers (i.e. Customer Service).  Show me a company that is doing very well, and ill show you a CEO that puts a huge emphasis on Customer Service.


customer service smile


When you’re in customer service you learn a lot.  You learn about people, and what they’re going through.  You learn how to react to different situations (good and bad), but above all you learn how to play the givers game.  The more you give and the more you care about your customer, the more you’re going to get in return.


What is it?

Service means something different to everyone.  For the multi million dollar company it may mean a call center.  People buy your product, and lets say something goes wrong. This company has a call center that person can call and get the help they need, BUT to the small local business customer service means something completely different.  It means a smile when someone walks in your doors.  It means a happy voice when your speaking with them on the phone.  It means that the loyalty you have provided for them will mean that they return time and time again.


excellent customer service


Times are changing.  Service is going south AS WE SPEAK ( or write ).  People are taking jobs that they do not care about, and therefore they don’t care about the customers.  This is a problem.  Here is the progression: Customer comes in and speaks with someone that doesn’t care about their career.  They are turned off by said person, and they never comes back, and you lose business.  You see what I’m saying?

Top priority when training your new employees should be CARE FOR THE CUSTOMER, if you do this your business will grow exponentially,  VERY quickly.

People want product quicker now a days.  If you don’t get someone what they want in less than 20 seconds they are mad. Now a days people can get REALLY mad too.  You have to be sure that in these situations you see the problem from the customer’s standpoint and be sure you are taking their feelings into consideration.  Be calm, don’t get mad or hyped up, and serve the customer properly.

Take away: Forget about money, do something great and care about people.  

Sales – Then and Now

Sales Growth


“Hey how bout I cut ya a deal?!” That dreaded phrase that we have come to HATE, the outdated saying that has setup car salesmen as “bad guys”, and one of the top reasons that you will not close the sale. Sales today is a lot different than it was in the 70’s, 80’s or even the 90’s. Back then you would be approached by a somewhat well dressed sales man or lady, either at your doorstep, or even in the new car lot, and the very first thing they ask is what your budget is, before they even know what product you’re looking for. If you were to go about the same style of sales today, you would be laughed right out of your job. Unfortunately we still have these types, lets call them sales maniacs, around. Here are a few points we want to make. In sales, you have to develop 3 different things with a potential customer. You have to build a relationship, get emotional, and above all, provide value.

Sales Growth


Relationships are funny arent they? There is always give and take.  Some relationships are great and some are not. Obviously you dont want to create the same relationship with your customers that you have with your girlfriend or boyfriend. To a point you will share some personal information, BUT the bulk of your conversations should be about business.  You need them to trust you.  They arent going to simply come in and buy your product cause you’re a nice guy.  They are going to buy your product because they trust that you and you alone are going to give them the best price, for the best product, with the best service.  This is only step one.  Sales as a whole is continually changing.  One has to continually keep in contact and grow the relationship like a blossoming flower.  From that growth, your business will continually grow stronger.

emotional sales



Being emotional is in the same boat as building a relationship.  This is going to be different in every business.  In the fitness industry you may get more emotional with your clients than you would in the printing industry.  You have to be extremely self aware so as not to be TOO emotional to send them away, or not emotional enough to where they dont engage.  When i say emotional i dont mean you have to cry and hug to be best friends.  I mean share enough information to where they trust you to send business your way, not only from themselves, but also through referrals.



ITS EVERYTHING!!!  You aren’t providing something useful, your business will not work.   If your business isn’t doing as great as you want, take a step back and see how you can better provide value to your customer base.  If the customer doesn’t care or want your product, there is no value.  Build value by showing your clientele  why you do what you do.  Post on social media, a BLOG POST (cough cough), do something for free.  Let your customers know that you actually care about your product.  It doesn’t matter if you’re selling cars, or if you are selling printing, PROVIDE VALUE! Period.

Making yourself better

Intro: WHY?

Why do you do what you do? Is what you are doing making you a better person? Do you find yourself complaining a lot? Here atcameraman making yourself better Dicks Graphics and The Print Shop, we want to not only want to provide phenomenal printing, but also be here to inspire our customers and audience.  We want you to be living life to the fullest, and fulfilling everything you have ever wanted to accomplish.  In the following blog we are going to talk about a few things; we want to provide  information on finding your passion and choosing a career in that specific area of your life.  You also have to realize that if you arent making other people’s lives better, you cant make yourself better.  We are also going to be talking about Diverting Daily, Withdrawing Weekly,  and Abandon Annually.





sunrise making yourself better





Do you realize that every single day, regular people like you and I, go through their life and they spend the majority of their days at a job, that they HATE.  They don’t just dislike it, they have grown to hate their job, and their daily attitude reflects that.  When you are spending 40+ hours a week at a career, wouldn’t you think that one would need to like what they are doing? Finding your passion is not an “I might have one” kind of thing, its an “I NEED ONE!” kind of thing.  Finding a passion in life can sometimes be a struggle.  If you dont know or understand your self enough to discover your love of something, it could be near impossible to get that passion.  You need to find that joy in your life and I guarantee that you can find yourself a  job or career for that newly found passion.  It is a job in itself finding your passion, but as you have heard it said, once you love what you do for a career, you will never work a day in your life.




Pulling Others Up

making yourself betterIts a simple fact: people  like to feel good.  They like to get that fuzzy feeling in their stomach when someone says “Good Job!” to them or they get thanked for doing a task.  When you are the one pushing others, and helping them to be better, in turn you yourself will become a better human.  We are caught up in a world today where everyone wants to argue or put others down.  When someone is seen pulling someone else up, instead of putting them down, that is rare.  Its not about submitting, and letting people walk over you.  Its about being a decent human being and respecting others, sometimes even when they dont deserve it.




Divert, Withdraw, Abandon


vacation makingWhat does that even mean? Divert daily? Withdraw Weekly? Abandon Annually? Its not as confusing once things are explained.  Lets start with divert daily.  Merriam – Webster Dictionary defines divert to take attention away from someone or something.   Some people are so caught up in their day to day lives that they dont take a single second to breathe and be thankful for all they have.  Challenge: Take some time daily, 5 minutes, 15, 30, whatever you need, and just breathe.  Take a break from the day to day, and live in the now.  On to the next one, Withdraw Weekly.  This, for most people is on the weekend, where you can take a whole day, and simply relax.  Relaxing is different for everyone.  It may mean working out and  doing yard work, or it may be laundry and house cleaning.  Sleep late, chill out, once a day every week.  Abandoning annually is tough.  For some paying for a vacation is out of the question, but you can still use that one week for other things.  The whole point of these little sayings is this; take time for yourself, and indulge in that down time.  In the end you will be a stronger person, mentally, and physically.

Shall we conclude?


 the end makingBetween all of these, “tips” lets call them, you can choose to do them, or not.  That is the great thing about it.  We here at Dicks Graphics and The Print Shop put these steps into practice every single day.  We aim to build our customers up so that they come in looking forward to seeing their  new product.  We are passionate about what we do and we want you to see that when we come in, so we show you through our actions!  We also take time daily, weekly, and yearly to make our selves step back, and breathe.  Life can get hectic sometimes, but giving these few steps a try will greatly increase your confidence, and all out love for your life!  We hope you all have a great month and are enjoying this beautiful weather!



Printing – and why its important

Plane Printing


Printing. It is a lot more than simply putting a few words on paper and running it through a machine. Printing is bringing words, pictures, and beautiful artwork to life.  It all starts with an idea. An idea brought to life through a imaginative mind set. From there, there are many different steps to go through to bring that vision to life. The process is different for everyone but in the end it all turns out the same.  Finding the right designer or printer to work with can sometimes be tough. You need to find someone that loves their job and loves to help people. For us the pleasure comes when we see the look on peoples face when they pick up their awesome product.



BBQ Invitation Printing

Printing is literally putting your mind heart and soul out on to paper (or other material of course). Whether you’re printing for yourself or personal business you literally want to put your business in people’s hands every time you hand them a business card.  If you’re printing for a corporately owned business or someone that you work for you want it to look as professional as possible whether it’s envelopes, letterhead, business cards or promotional products.  Designing these specific products is a skill.  Simply having a constantly growing imagination  will help to get your thoughts out there, and get your printing done.



Hipster Lion printing



The majority of people get things printed for personal use. They have ideas, they have a different mindset than “The average person”.  Their brain travels thousands of miles per hour with that one idea and somehow they figure out how to put it into words and put it on paper, plastic, or some other material. Normally these works of art tend to be some of the most beautiful and captivating pieces that enter our shops.  We, the employees, have the opportunity to watch these art pieces take form.


Printing Art

Thank You

For us to have the amazing option of working with your jobs, you have to come to us.  We have tons of customers that we want to thank!  You all are the reason that we love doing what we do.  We look forward to continuing to do what we do best, which is bring your vision to life through print.  Whether you’re marketing for your new company, or re-ordering for your solid foundation of an empire of a business.  We plan to treat every order with passion and love to come out with the best product humanly possible.

YOU’RE INVITED! A Guide to Invitations


The Party

Invitations are a huge part of any event! Lets say you have a great party planned.  Everyone and their brother is going to be there.  There is going to be an awesome food spread including wings, steak, burgers, brats, and chips, there is going to be a live band playing just outside your door, football will be on the television, AND there is going to be a circus clown entertaining all the kids!!!

The day finally comes, the day you’ve been waiting for, the day of your Party!  You wait anxiously as noon roles around and the guests are going to begin arriving.  You have cleaned, prepped the house, cooked the food, and you are ready for this.  Time passes by and it gets to be 12:30 and no one has shown up.  Soon the clock passes to 1 pm, 2 pm, and at this point you are very discouraged.  No one showed up to your awesome party you put so much time into.  Why?  You prepared perfectly, you cooked everything just right, so why?  Did you invite anyone? Does anyone besides you know about your phenomenal party? It doesn’t look like they do.

Thats exactly what we are going to be talking about today.  No not how to throw the perfect party, or cook your steak just right, but how to create, print, and get your invitations out to your audience.  The process is not too terribly hard to go through, but once you have done it, and you see your perfect invitation to match your perfect party, you will be stunned and more than excited to send them out.




The Process: Beginning

The beginning is almost the easiest part! Everything we do at our shop is custom, which basically means, if you can think it WE CAN PRINT IT!  You can take the theme of your event and turn it into an elaborate card that will blow people’s minds, or maybe you are doing a wedding and want to do something more elegant, for that you can check out our previous post on wedding stationary!  Regardless of what your mind is thinking or what you feel is necessary, in the end it is all up to you and what you want.







The Process: Details

Details are KEY to creating your invitations!  If you want us to get every detail correct, then you need to tell us every detail.  Anything from what font you want us to use, to how many polka dots per square inch should be on the card.  Just know that we always create proofs that you must approve for us to print.  Lets say you’re creating a birthday invitation for your son or daughter and the theme of the party is Horses.  Do you want one horse on the card, or 1000?  Do you want a “southern” font or a “regular” font?  What size do you want the font to be?  How big do you want the actual invitation to be?  All of these questions are some that you should ask yourself when you are creating your perfect invitation.




The Process: Envelopes?

Unless you have supplied your own envelopes, you are going to need something to put your invitations in to mail out!  Now here is a little seceret, most people dont know this.  When you order invitations through us, the envelopes come free!!!  Now here is the catch, they are blank envelopes.  So if you plan on addressing them yourself, they are perfect, but if you are wanting something a bit more personal, maybe to match the invitation, that will cost a bit more.  Keep in mind, EVERYTHING we do is customizable.  Envelopes are there to make your first impression on your guests before they see your beautiful invitations.  Be sure an order a Free Quote or check out some samples today!





It all comes down to you.  Our Companies are here to serve you and get you the perfect printed product.  When you think of your next event it would be fantastic if you would contact us and let us print up a proof for you.  We are proud of what we print and are ecstatic to be serving such great customers.  Be sure to check out our Dicks Graphics and Printing and The Print Shop Facebook pages, along with our combined Twitter page, AND our BRAND NEW Instagram account that i will link —>>> Here <<<— You can view on computer or on mobile, just search @tps_dgp and Follow us!