Paper Qualities

Hello everyone in and out of the printing world! Today I want to talk about some multiple different kinds of paperwork that we have to offer and things that people generally use for specific paper pieces. If you think about coming into our shop and we start talking about different kinds of paper you’re probably going to be pretty confused because you might not know the difference between 80 pound and 100 pound paper. So what I’m going to attempt to do today is put our paper into layman’s terms so hopefully everyone that reads can understand what we are speaking in our own language.
So let’s start off with basic 20 pound copy paper. This is a general average run-of-the-mill piece of paper. When you think of making copies, or printing something off of your desk printer this is going to be the general type of paper that you will use. They’re also color versions of 20 pound that people like to use for large brochure jobs and mailers. Generally though they are mainly use for copies, print outs, and small jobs like the such.
The next step up would probably be 28 pound paper. 28 pound is like 20 pound but fancier. 28 pound has a semi gloss finish to it but it still has the flimsiness of 20 pound paper. Most uses are four small brochures, flyers, and sometimes even gift certificates depending on the job.
The last piece of flimsy paper that we have is what we call 100 pound gloss text. If 20 pound paper is a Nissan Sentra, and 28 pound paper is a Toyota Corolla, then 100 pound gloss text is a Cadillac CTS. If you want your brochures, flyers, copies, or booklets to look super fancy, this is the paper for your use. With a high-gloss finish, and a thickness to it, 100 pound gloss text is by far the highest quality flimsy paper that we have.

80 pound is a card stock paper. It is a pretty general and average card stock to refer it to one of the flimsier papers, it is more like a 20 pound but figure most people use this for Business cards, some small orders of flyers, and posters.
The next step of card stock would be 100. This is the main card stock that we use for business card printing is much thicker than 80 pound and she has a lot better quality feel to it. Again 100 pound is a Ficker quality use for business cards , Flyers, and posters.
Last but not least one of the main pieces of card stock is called 100 pounds gloss cover. This is the Lamborghini this is the absolute best card stock that you can use paper trail. This is where you get into the extra charges for Paper, but the quality is unquestionable what you get a hold of your artwork.


Who can benefit from printing/social/promotional products

What we do…for everyone…


What we do is not just printing business cards like everyone may think.  Our services expand far beyond what people generally  think.  When someone hears “print shop” they think business cards, letterhead, and envelopes, WHICH IS FINE!!!!  But we have become so much more than JUST that.  We have essentially become a full service marketing and promotion solution center.

paint dicks graphics and printing

See we have come a long way from simply printing business cards on 80# card stock for everyone.  We have transitioned into a marketing agency with a large name in Cleveland TN and Fort Oglethorpe GA.  We are amazed, daily, at how much we do, that people don’t know we can do!!!  Our promotional items office has essentially DOUBLED in size in the past year!!!  We now offer apparel in our area that is not guaranteed by other companies!!


The problem with our business is that people don’t know JUST how much we have to offer. For that reason, we will be featuring a blog each week following this with a special announcement of different products and services we offer!!  We are excited to begin speaking with the community about how we can help with different projects and how we can expand to grow new companies!printing cleveland tn


To learn more specifically you can contact us on our “Free quote/Contact us” page of our website!!!




Printing – and why its important

Plane Printing


Printing. It is a lot more than simply putting a few words on paper and running it through a machine. Printing is bringing words, pictures, and beautiful artwork to life.  It all starts with an idea. An idea brought to life through a imaginative mind set. From there, there are many different steps to go through to bring that vision to life. The process is different for everyone but in the end it all turns out the same.  Finding the right designer or printer to work with can sometimes be tough. You need to find someone that loves their job and loves to help people. For us the pleasure comes when we see the look on peoples face when they pick up their awesome product.



BBQ Invitation Printing

Printing is literally putting your mind heart and soul out on to paper (or other material of course). Whether you’re printing for yourself or personal business you literally want to put your business in people’s hands every time you hand them a business card.  If you’re printing for a corporately owned business or someone that you work for you want it to look as professional as possible whether it’s envelopes, letterhead, business cards or promotional products.  Designing these specific products is a skill.  Simply having a constantly growing imagination  will help to get your thoughts out there, and get your printing done.



Hipster Lion printing



The majority of people get things printed for personal use. They have ideas, they have a different mindset than “The average person”.  Their brain travels thousands of miles per hour with that one idea and somehow they figure out how to put it into words and put it on paper, plastic, or some other material. Normally these works of art tend to be some of the most beautiful and captivating pieces that enter our shops.  We, the employees, have the opportunity to watch these art pieces take form.


Printing Art

Thank You

For us to have the amazing option of working with your jobs, you have to come to us.  We have tons of customers that we want to thank!  You all are the reason that we love doing what we do.  We look forward to continuing to do what we do best, which is bring your vision to life through print.  Whether you’re marketing for your new company, or re-ordering for your solid foundation of an empire of a business.  We plan to treat every order with passion and love to come out with the best product humanly possible.