Customer Service – Core value #1


Being a local small business, you can’t rely on Facebook, a fancy product, or even an awesome staff to make your business boom.  C.A.R.E – Customers Are REALLY Everything!!!  Believe it.  The single thing that keeps business’s in operating order comes down to how they treat their customers (i.e. Customer Service).  Show me a company that is doing very well, and ill show you a CEO that puts a huge emphasis on Customer Service.


customer service smile


When you’re in customer service you learn a lot.  You learn about people, and what they’re going through.  You learn how to react to different situations (good and bad), but above all you learn how to play the givers game.  The more you give and the more you care about your customer, the more you’re going to get in return.


What is it?

Service means something different to everyone.  For the multi million dollar company it may mean a call center.  People buy your product, and lets say something goes wrong. This company has a call center that person can call and get the help they need, BUT to the small local business customer service means something completely different.  It means a smile when someone walks in your doors.  It means a happy voice when your speaking with them on the phone.  It means that the loyalty you have provided for them will mean that they return time and time again.


excellent customer service


Times are changing.  Service is going south AS WE SPEAK ( or write ).  People are taking jobs that they do not care about, and therefore they don’t care about the customers.  This is a problem.  Here is the progression: Customer comes in and speaks with someone that doesn’t care about their career.  They are turned off by said person, and they never comes back, and you lose business.  You see what I’m saying?

Top priority when training your new employees should be CARE FOR THE CUSTOMER, if you do this your business will grow exponentially,  VERY quickly.

People want product quicker now a days.  If you don’t get someone what they want in less than 20 seconds they are mad. Now a days people can get REALLY mad too.  You have to be sure that in these situations you see the problem from the customer’s standpoint and be sure you are taking their feelings into consideration.  Be calm, don’t get mad or hyped up, and serve the customer properly.

Take away: Forget about money, do something great and care about people.