Sales – Its different with us…

So every business has to have sales.  Its a proven fact, sales build businesses.  You have to have this one of three pillars at the very least to succeed.  As stated in previous blogs though, sales is different with every job.  In some jobs youre going to be making 300 Calls a day on the phone.  Some jobs you simply work from your car.  Sales varies with what you are selling.  With what we do, we cant simply cold call and close deals over the phone.  There are essentially multiple closes we have to get through before we even seal the deal.

That is what is so exciting about what we do and how we do it.  If youre brand new to seeing our company, first off welcome.  What we are is basically a one stop shop for your Print Marketing needs.  If you need Business Cards, we do that.  If you need signage, we do that.  If you need promotional marketing material, we do that.  If you need to market on Social Media better, we do that.  WE DO IT ALL!  The way we do it, however, is different than any other business out there.  We start by making an introduction.  We introduce who we are , what we do, and why we do it.  We do it because we are passionate about seeing businesses GROW, and weve been so blessed to be in a spot to help make that happen.

Once the introduction is made, we dont go into a sales pitch.   With how many products we have, and all the vast amount of things we can do, its tough to put together one pitch.  What we do is figure out, first, if the company we are prospecting even NEEDS printing.  If there is no need, there will be no sell, BUT in that case you would at least make an intro, and they know who you are.  A lot of times the reason businesses fail is because people simply dont know who they are.  Once we figure out needs, we discuss how we can help.  We help by doing a few things.

One, we provide the absolute top quality of service seen anywhere in our industry, no one can even come close to it.  Service, above all else, is king.  We make sure all of your questions are answered.  We make sure all your needs are met.  We have even been known to do stuff outside of our “job description” to better service our people.  Two, we make sure that your needs mentioned are met through what we do.  We cater differently to every company.  Lee University needs a different look and work done than a Manufacturing Company.  We have such a large and assorted group of people we work with so we have to be sure to be malleable.

We arent here to make you uncomfortable with a sales pitch.  We arent here to push product on you that you dont need, or want.  We arent here to make a quick buck off of you.  Our job as the Top Print Marketing Agency in the surrounding TN area is to create and grow relationships with surrounding businesses and assist in the growth and success of said businesses.  Our job is to make your marketing easy.  Our job is to bring your vision to life through print.