So what all can you do???

I absolutely love this question! I get asked all the time “So what all CAN you do?”. For a bit of context for those that dont know i work at a small printed marketing shop where we do everything from business cards to social media marketing.

Normally i am asked this question when i deliver a small order, normally of business cards (our gateway drug). The reason i love it is because i get to to talk about our business. We can LITERALLY print just about anything.

Here is the catch though, everything we do is custom. Another perk to my job is getting to meet and connect with a lot of really cool people. Everyday im either contacted, or contact someone i normally dont know, to see if they want to have lunch/coffee/dinner to chat about how we can help each other.

I meet with people on a weekly basis and talk to them about how they want to grow their company. I get to see the PASSION in their eyes when they discuss their position, their job, this company they’ve grown from nothing.

Likewise my passion is growing businesses. So think about it, really think. I work in a job where i get to talk to people about how we (DGP) can help them grow their business. Im basically doing my passion all the time.

When people ask what I do they get to see the fire in MY eyes and i get to explain to them why i love so very much everything i do. I get to explain that yeah our prices cant beat some of our competitors, but youre going to be blown away with how well you are served. We service our customers 100% and i take pride in doing so.

Thank you all so much for trusting us with your business and allowing us to do what we LOVE!!!

Who can benefit from printing/social/promotional products

What we do…for everyone…


What we do is not just printing business cards like everyone may think.  Our services expand far beyond what people generally  think.  When someone hears “print shop” they think business cards, letterhead, and envelopes, WHICH IS FINE!!!!  But we have become so much more than JUST that.  We have essentially become a full service marketing and promotion solution center.

paint dicks graphics and printing

See we have come a long way from simply printing business cards on 80# card stock for everyone.  We have transitioned into a marketing agency with a large name in Cleveland TN and Fort Oglethorpe GA.  We are amazed, daily, at how much we do, that people don’t know we can do!!!  Our promotional items office has essentially DOUBLED in size in the past year!!!  We now offer apparel in our area that is not guaranteed by other companies!!


The problem with our business is that people don’t know JUST how much we have to offer. For that reason, we will be featuring a blog each week following this with a special announcement of different products and services we offer!!  We are excited to begin speaking with the community about how we can help with different projects and how we can expand to grow new companies!printing cleveland tn


To learn more specifically you can contact us on our “Free quote/Contact us” page of our website!!!

Our full service print shop offers everything, even thsirts!

Full service means full service, and yes that includes tshirt sells!

Yes we are a full service printing company.  When we say full service, we mean FULL service.  We do the usual stuff such as business cards, envelopes, letterhead, forms, 2 part, 3 part, 4 part, notepads, prescription pads, booklets (stapled, glued, spiral bound, or GBC bound), must i go on? Again that is all the “Regular” stuff.  WE also do LOADS of other stuff.  We print signs, banners, yard signs, big signs, small signs, metal signs, plastic signs, i think you get the point.  Our breakout into the tshirt world is what sets us apart!

suit tie tshirt custom sell sold

Our T-shirts however are a small (currently) part of our business that a lot of people out there don’t know we can do.  T-shirts are a very big part of any company.  Whether you are a startup company or a multi billion dollar corporation, you need to brand yourself.

custom tshirt logo ad banner sell

T-shirts however aren’t just used for business purposes.  People order them for parties, marketing purposes, family get togethers, and so much more.  People need them printed no matter what!!!

All that being said we don’t JUST do t-shirts, that is just the most wanted.  We do other apparel as well.  If your company is needing jackets for this upcoming cold weather, we can add your logo on them!  If your top client is expecting a top notch Christmas gift,  our customized hats are just the thing.  Keep that in mind when you contact us!

Long story short our t-shirts are top of the line, and prices are better than any other of our competitors, online or in person, all you have to do is call to get a quote!

Nike, addidas, Carhartt, Gildan, and many more brands are waiting for you!!! Simply place your order through the website or call in to get more information!  We look forward to hearing from you!